Handmade Beard Oil & Beard Brush


Natural handmade cruelty free beard brush and oil

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A blend of Jojoba promoting skin and hair health, Argan to soften and tame and Almond oil to focus on the skin for UV damage.  Made in the Cornwall from 100% natural oils The Cornish Mancave Beard Oils deeply nourish and condition for long lasting results, using a high quality formulation.

With most badger and boar hair being ‘harvested’ and shipped from China.  We decided to stick with a Cruelty Free Brush also suitable for Vegans.

The Vegan Travel Beard Brush has all natural bristles which are made from oiled Tampico cactus fiber from the Agave lechuguilla Plant located in the deserts of Mexico.

The Vegan Beard Brush ergonomic hand design allows it to sit comfortably in the hand while creating and brushing your waves with ease.

The Vegan Beard Brush is Cruelty Free, Eco friendly and Vegan alternative to using Boar Bristle wave brushes, is completely handcrafted and made with pear wood.

The Vegan Beard Brush is a breeze. Just use warm water and mild liquid soap to remove dirt and hair. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and place in open air to dry.

Beard Travel Brush Vegan Size is: 135 x 30 x 22


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